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June 24, 2015

Capacity Self-assessment Tool

The International Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement (INECE) develops and implements practical and innovative activities that strengthen environmental compliance and enforcement at all levels of governance – local, national, regional and international. The INECE builds the capacities of compliance and enforcement stakeholders to contribute to the rule of law and good governance in areas that advance sustainable development. The network comprises environmental regulators, investigators, prosecutors, judges, international environmental and development organisations, and others.

The INECE developed a self-assessment tool in the scope of its International Conference on Environmental Compliance and Enforcement in 1998. The reports that form one part of this publication summarise the self-assessment data of 27 countries as well as methodological considerations. The other part contains the capacity self-assessment tables used in the process. These tables are a very powerful tool for organisational self-assessment in enforcement and compliance related to the environmental acquis.

The self-assessment tool has nine sections: 1) status of creating enforceable requirements; 2) status of establishing institutions with clear roles and responsibilities; 3) identifying the regulated community and setting compliance and enforcement programme priorities; 4) promoting compliance; 5) compliance monitoring; 6) responding to violations; 7) evaluating success and ensuring programme accountability; 8) public role in compliance and enforcement; and 9) overall self-assessment of environmental compliance and enforcement status and capacity.

The tool is available in a zipped folder containing the two reports and the tables.