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EnviCrimeNet Annual Meeting

Date: November 19, 2014
Venue: Europol, The Hague
The objectives of the annual meeting of EnviCrimeNet, an informal network of European police organisations concerned with environmental crime, were to:
  • provide an update on recent data collection to fill gaps in the understanding of environmental crime trends and implementation shortcomings;
  • introduce the work and projects of non-police organisations in the field of combating environmental crime;
  • outline the situation in each participating country regarding the police detection of environmental crimes;
  • encourage coordination among all invited stakeholders on the general directions of work, including INTERPOL’s National Environmental Security Task Force (NEST) concept; and
  • review environmental crime cases.
The most relevant outcomes of the meeting for the Themis Network were:
  • increased visibility for Themis among potential police partners across the EU;
  • the establishment of contacts between Themis and Europol; and
  • the introduction of the Dutch police’s online app to help street police officers recognise environmental offences and take the appropriate steps.