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Statement of Commitment by Themis Member Countries

Statement of Commitment by participants at the Themis Network Phase 2 kick-off meeting
December 5, 2014, Vienna, Austria
On the occasion of the Themis Network Phase 2 kick-off meeting, held on December 5, 2014, representatives of the national authorities of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro and Serbia met in Vienna, Austria, to review the Themis Network’s work plan for 2014-2017, including its objectives and desired outcomes; to agree on further strengthening cooperation in the framework of the Themis Network; and to engage the high-level management of each country in order to raise the network's visibility in the administrations and to strengthen its impact on natural resources management and the combating of environmental crimes in the beneficiary region. Acknowledging the discussions that took place during the meeting, the participants:
  1. Express their interest, commitment and willingness to further strengthen cooperation and collaboration under the Themis Network for the period 2014-2017.
  2. Express their gratitude to the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) for its financial support, as well as its renewed commitment to the 2014-2017 programme of the Themis Network.
  3. Pledge in-kind contributions to the running and operation of Themis Network activities, namely person-hours (focal points, other experts that participate in the capacity-building measures) and logistical support (meeting rooms, telecommunications, distribution and dissemination costs of the project outputs nationally, etc.).
  4. Acknowledge their interest, in the framework of the Themis Network, in creating new partnerships and continuing cooperation with international partners, including INECE, IMPEL and any others, as appropriate.
  5. Agree with and welcome the inclusion of Moldova in the Themis Network.
  6. Reaffirm and support the Themis Network Terms of Reference[1].
  7. Maintain their support to the Secretariat hosted by the Regional Environmental Center.
  8. Agree to support the cooperation efforts of the Secretariat with other regional initiatives, including the SEE 2020 strategy, and to work towards achieving the long-term sustainability of the network and its results through several measures, including the diversification of the donor base.
               Vienna, December 5, 2014

[1] Updated to reflect the integration of Moldova.