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Themis Network: Start of a New Phase

The Regional Environmental Center is happy to announce that Phase 2 of the Themis Network was launched on October 1, 2014, and will last until 2017. The second phase, like the first, has been made possible by the support of the Austrian Development Agency.

In Phase 1, the Themis project succeeded in creating a community of likeminded state officials from South Eastern European countries eager for change. The network cooperates across borders to improve environmental governance through the rule of law and mutual understanding.

In Phase 2, the network will continue to contribute to the better implementation and enforcement of the EU environmental acquis and to the improvement of inter-institutional and inter-governmental cooperation in SEE, mainly in the field of the environment. The network now includes Moldova in order to transfer knowledge and lessons learnt from the SEE region and to strengthen the association process with the EU.

The work of the Themis Network is complemented by its partners, in particular INECE and IMPEL. Themis operates on the principle that establishing synergies creates long-term benefits for its stakeholders and beneficiaries.

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Themis Network: Start of a New Phase