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Themis Network Multi-Annual Programme 2018-2020

Cluster 1. Management of the Themis Secretariat

  1. Technical, managerial, administrative, and communications support of the network
  2. Establishing and maintaining strategic partnerships
  3. Organising the network’s Executive Committee meetings
  4. Organising kick-off meetings with high level representation
  5. Organising a project closing event

Cluster 2: Regional distribution of knowledge transfer

  1. Exchange programmes
  2. Joint law enforcement cross border actions
  3. Peer reviews
  4. Knowledge stock

Cluster 3: Facilitating the EU Accession process and strengthening the environmental compliance chain at national level

  1. In-country mechanisms
  2. Judiciary
  3. Civil Society & Private sector

Work Plan 2018

Cluster 1

  • Liaising with partner institutions and other networks and presenting network activities;
  • Cross-participation in events of partner institutions to ensure that the beneficiary countries are integrated in the relevant international networks of expertise.
  • Signing Memorandum of Understanding where applicable.

Cluster 2

  • Development of 1 exchange programmes for a core group of officials designed to strengthen environmental governance, rule of law, EU law implementation examples and facilitating dialogue and studying techniques used by counterparts in EU Member States (tentatively 2nd half of 2018)
  • Pilot joint actions, at transboundary level, focused on priority issues for EU law enforcement (covering also the EU environmental crimes Directive), and using problem solving and simulation techniques on the ground (3 pilot joint actions).
  • Joint actions with the Involvement of partners (e.g. IMPEL, INECE)
  • A voluntary scheme providing for informal reviews of environmental authorities and providing advice on structure, operation or performance by experts; exchange of experience and collaboration between these authorities on common issues (e.g. using IMPEL Review Initiative Tool (IRI)). (4 throughout the project implementation)
  • Development of a regional strategy for environmental enforcement

Cluster 3

  • Implementing pilot mechanisms of internal country networking and coordination – such as pilot implementation of Standard Operating Procedures – and national actions for EU law implementation and enforcement in priority topics for each country (1 local programme with specific activities per country according to needs and opportunities)
  • Dedicated trainings for judges and prosecutors on environmental law and networking, in cooperation with the national judicial academies
  • Awareness raising event on compliance and watchdog
  • Involvement in Cluster 2 & 3 activities where relevant
Themis Network Multi-Annual Programme 2018-2020