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Training on the New Waste Monitoring Database for Albania

A training took place in Tirana, Albania, on February 21, 2017, to show staff of the National Environmental Agency of Albania how to use its newly created waste monitoring database.

The database was created on request by the Themis team to help the agency collect waste-related data in the framework of the Albanian Law on Integrated Waste Management.

Developed in accordance with Albanian legislation, the enterprise resource planning (ERP) database includes features such as a catalogue of waste codes, a user-friendly interface for recording waste data for each county, and the possibility to produce reports based on the recorded data.

During the training day,  the waste monitoring database was installed on the local servers of the National Environmental Agency, the main features of the database were presented, and the staff were trained to use the database according to their needs. The database was also tested with real data.

A demo version of the database is available here.


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