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Roundtable in Moldova

On November 18, 2016, a roundtable took place in the Moldovan capital Chisinau to discuss the draft standard operating procedures (SOPs) for nature protection, waste management and water resources management in the Republic of Moldova.

Following a presentation of the three sector-specific SOPs, participants discussed their strengths and flaws and had an opportunity to provide comments and suggest improvements.

The roundtable attracted a total of 23 participants, representing the Ministry of Environment, the REC and REC Moldova, the General Prosecutor's Office, the General Police Inspectorate (GPI), the Border Police, the Customs Service, the State Ecological Inspectorate (SEI), the Moldsilva forestry agency, and the Fishery Service.

The event was opened by Ms. Gordana Kozhuharova, the REC's regional director for South Eastern Europe, who gave a general presentation about the Themis Network; and by Ms. Carolina Eremei, a consultant in the Legal Section of the Ministry of Environment, in her capacity as Themis Network focal point for Moldova.  

The three SOPs were discussed in separate roundtable sessions, as outlined below.  

The session on the SOP on Nature Protection in the Republic of Moldova was introduced by Mr. Adrian Panciuc, head of the Legal Section of the Ministry of Environment.

During the discussions, the following comments were provided:

  • Customs Service representative Rodica Golban suggested that the duties of each authority involved in environmental misdemeanour/criminal procedures should be listed and described separately. 
  • Border Police representative Diana Saculțan suggested developing separate procedures for each authority.
  • Representing the General Prosecutor’s Office, Vasile Untilă noted that a police officer cannot perform the role of factfinding agent under environmental criminal/misdemeanour procedures.


The session on the SOP on Waste Management in the Republic of Moldova was introduced by Ms. Carolina Eremei of the Ministry of Environment.

Comments and recommendations were provided by the following participants:

  • Diana Salcutan of the Border Police clarified the fact that a border police officer cannot perform the duty of factfinding agent in environmental criminal/misdemeanour procedures.
  • Ion Lisnic, a representative of the General Police Inspectorate, shared his opinion that the environmental criminal/misdemeanour procedure should be reviewed so as to establish specific actions for each step in order to make the responsibilities of each body involved clear.


The session on the SOP on Water Resources Management in the Republic of Moldova was introduced by Ms. Gabriela Capcelea, acting executive director of REC Moldova.

The following participants expressed their views during the discussions:

  • Ion Lisnic of the General Police Inspectorate suggested excluding the units of the Ministry of Interior (General Police Inspectorate and Border Police) from the SOPs, highlighting the fact that these units cannot state environmental misdemeanours/offences.
  • Representing the State Ecological Inspectorate, Natalia Bragoi mentioned the need to review the water protection legislation included in the draft SOP, and to provide proposals for additions.


The event closed with a discussion about legal support for the three SOPs to be further decided by the Ministry of Environment, as well as about the need for the SOPs to be endorsed, including by competent territorial bodies.