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Macedonian National Training

The national training "Environmental Law Enforcement and Environmental Crime" was held on November 22-24, 2016, at the Hotel Epinal in Bitola.

Around 40 people participated, including international experts with extensive experience from Austria, Belgium and Croatia; representatives of European associations of “green” prosecutors and judges; as well as national representatives of relevant institutions and civil society (the State Environmental Inspectorate, the Ministry of the Environment and Physical Planning, the Ministry of the Interior, INTERPOL, the Ministry of Justice, the Customs Administration, public prosecutors and judges, NGOs, experts and representatives of higher education institutes).

Interactive presentations and discussions provided participants with opportunities to connect, learn, exchange experiences and network. The training focused on:

  • the Macedonian judicial system, with a briefing and review of procedures related to environmental crimes;
  • experience at European level, presented by experts from Belgium, Austria and Croatia;
  • forensic analysis and laboratory equipment;
  • analyses of environmental crime cases; and
  • opportunities for networking between Macedonian institutions and relevant European organisations.

Three working groups were formed with the aim of identifying gaps and weaknesses in current national practices, as well as proposals for overcoming them. Based on the group work and the foregoing presentations and discussions, concrete recommendations and conclusions were agreed on, which are expected to contribute towards increased cooperation on the prevention of environmental crimes (including organised crimes). Follow-up steps for networking emerging from the recommendations and conclusions include the establishment of a national environmental security task force (NEST); the possiblity of joining European associations of "green" judges and prosecutors; and raising public awareness of environmental crime.

The training was an introduction to a broader process of raising knowledge and awareness of environmental crime among institutions and the public. Further trainings and education on the detection and prosecution of environmental crime are needed.

Training materials

All the training materials are available for download as a zipped folder from this link. In addition, the two video presentations by Dr. Luc Lavrysen, president of the EU Forum of Judges for the Environment, can be watched below.

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