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Sub-regional Training on Transboundary Shipment of Waste and Port Inspection

This capacity-building action was organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and the Environmental Protection Agency of Montenegro. The Themis Secretariat would like to express its gratitude for their dedication and commitment.

The second sub-regional training took place in Bar, Montenegro, on April 12 and 13, 2016, and covered port inspections and waste management, with an emphasis on transboundary shipments of waste. The objective was to train relevant authorities from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, as well as observers from Moldova, on sea and inland port inspections using the experience of the INECE Seaport Initiative, and to involve them in an enforcement action related to waste shipment. The participating countries nominated delegates from environmental inspectorates with waste portfolios, as well as permit writers and customs officers.

The main outcome was the exchange of experience and best practices between participants and representatives of EU member states (the Netherlands and Belgium) regarding waste management, transboundary shipments of waste and port inspections. The training provided an opportunity to improve participants’ understanding of waste-related legislation (especially the Basel Convention, the Waste Framework Directive and the Waste Shipment Regulation) as well as of waste classification and management practices.

The training revealed that the participating countries already have a good understanding of how to conduct port inspections and check containers. This existing understanding was reinforced by the exchange of knowledge between inspection practitioners from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Moldova on each country's legal framework and enforcement practices related to waste management and waste shipments.


Training support materials

Session 2 – Waste Management Plan for Montenegro

  • Igor Jovanović, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism
  • Tamara Brajović, Environmental Protection Agency

Session 3 – Waste classification

  • Henk Ruessink (INECE) and Hans Vermeiren (Senior Inspector, Antwerp)

Session 4 – Introduction to international and European legislation on transboundary shipments of waste

Session 5 – Introduction to INECE Seaport Initiative

Session 7 – Experience related to waste shipment inspections and illegal waste transport in ports

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ms. Zineta Mujakovic, Head of Sector for Biological and Landscape Diversity, Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism
  • Albania: Mr. Skender Hasa, Head of Sector at the State Environmental Inspectorate
  • Moldova: Ms. Nicolaescu, Waste Management and Pollution Prevention Department, Ministry of Environment; and Mr. Psenicinii, Environmental State Inspectorate
  • Montenegro: Mr. Dragan Raicevic, Ecological Inspector

Session 8 – Waste shipment inspection planning

Images from the training

Regional and subregional trainings
Sub-regional Training on Transboundary Shipment of Waste and Port Inspection