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INECE Has a New Secretariat

The INECE Secretariat functions will be taken over by a new team. The Themis Secretariat would like to express its gratitude for the many years of positive cooperation with the outgoing INECE Secretariat staff and convey personal greetings to its members, especially Jo Gerardu and Meredith Reeves Koparova. We wish all the best to the new team and we look forward to keep working with INECE.

Message from the INECE Secretariat


25 January 2016

Dear Friends,

After a decade and a half of serving as the Secretariat for the International Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement, we are turning the reins over to Scott Fulton, the new President of the Environmental Law Institute, to build on the success of INECE and further strengthen the Secretariat.

Over the past fifteen years, INECE has grown from a small partnership to the world’s leading network of environmental compliance and enforcement practitioners.  During a time when countries have increasingly introduced new legal requirements to protect human health and the environment, INECE has been an effective channel for sharing information and for responding to common challenges in implementing and enforcing environmental regulatory programs.  INECE has facilitated practitioners’ sharing perspectives shaped by their practical experiences across the enforcement chain – from design of laws to compliance and assessment.

Our work with INECE resulted in the delivery of four widely referenced and highly successful international conferences on environmental compliance and enforcement in Costa Rica, Morocco, South Africa, and Canada; the establishment of regional networks in East Africa (EANECE), South America (Red SUFICA), the Maghreb (NECEMA), Asia (AECEN), and Eastern Europe (Themis); and the publication of numerous analyses of the importance of environmental compliance and enforcement, notably the two-volume treatise Making Law Work: Environmental Compliance & Sustainable Development, the Proceedings from INECE’s conferences, special reports on climate compliance, and research on unconventional gas extraction. We expanded beyond INECE’s traditional audiences to include greater engagement with judges and prosecutors.

INECE championed the message that environmental compliance is the foundation of rule of law, the cornerstone of good governance, and essential for achieving sustainable development objectives at all levels of governance. INECE’s Principles of Environmental Enforcement course and handbook, our pioneering work on performance indicators, and our law school curriculum have helped train hundreds of environmental officials and staff in understanding reasons for non-compliance, designing appropriate compliance tools and sanctions, and better managing effective environmental regulatory programs. More recently, we have helped advance Next Generation approaches to environmental compliance.

Over the past fifteen years, INECE’s topical work areas have covered major environmental priority areas, including air pollution and climate change, assuring compliance in emissions trading markets, controlling air pollution in China and elsewhere, including the super climate pollutants black carbon and tropospheric ozone, which kill more than seven million people every year; deterring illegal trade of hazardous and electronic waste and HCFCs; addressing illegal logging; and strengthening environmental impact assessment. The INECE website provides a library of more than 500 original articles on the theory and practice of environmental compliance and enforcement.

In sum, INECE is well placed with ELI to move on to its next phase.

Many will know Scott from his work as the General Counsel of the US EPA, the Department of Justice, and his participation in INECE events.  We wish him and the ELI team the best of luck providing the Secretariat.

We thank each participant in the INECE network, including the Executive Committee and Global Council members, and especially the inspectors, prosecutors, judges, program officers, and other enforcers of environmental laws on the front lines.  As INECE, the thousands of committed participants have improved the effectiveness of laws at the national, regional and global levels all over the world. In particular, we offer our deep appreciation for the invaluable work of INECE co-founders Jo Gerardu and Cheryl Wasserman, without whom this great network would never have been born.

We look forward to continued collaboration with INECE, including leveraging INECE’s experience as countries seek to implement new and existing laws to mitigate climate pollutants to meet commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Best regards,

Durwood Zaelke, President, and Melinda Soffer, Director, Finance & Administration, IGSD

Kenneth Markowitz, President, and Meredith Koparova, Earthpace

INECE Has a New Secretariat