Ms. Mujaković's work focuses on undertaking analyses in the field of natural resources, with an emphasis on biological and ecological resources and the development of regulations for the protection of biodiversity and natural ecosystems. As head of sector she participates in the development of measures to improve quality of life and environmental protection; and in the monitoring of environmental impacts on human health and interdepartmental activities in the field of health and environment. Her work also involves harmonising plans with measures and deadlines for the gradual reduction of emissions and pollution and compliance with best available technologies; and she contributes to scoring studies for environmental impact assessments and examining potential physical and chemical harm.

Ms. Mujaković is a member of the committee for the creation of the Draft Spatial Plan for Areas of Special Interest for the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina; the committee for the development of the Master Plan for the Historical Town of Blagaj; the Steering Committee for the Natura 2000 project and the Biodiversity Working Group; the international coordination group for the nomination of the Dinaric Karst to the list of World Heritage sites; the GEF-funded project Forest and Mountain Protected Areas; the UNEP working group for the development of the State of the Environment report; and the working group for the revision of the National Biodiversity Strategy and the Fifth National Report to the UN Convention on Biodiversity.